Testimonials from our customers...

As a paraplegic wheelchair user, working with Clayton during physical training, he gave me a new DIMENSION, FRESH IDEAS and new CHALLENGES to my health and fitness. Clayton takes clients failure PERSONALLY so I can assure you if you train with Clayton he will push you harder, and further than you thought you could, and you will SMASH YOUR GOALS and reach a higher level of health and fitness than what you set out to achieve.



Clayton provides Freelance personal instruction to my members. His skills are endless, he is very much a people person. To describe Clayton i would use the words : APPROACHABLE, ENCOURAGING, DRIVEN, DYNAMIC, MOTIVATIONAL and PASSIONATE. His technic with personal training is admirable, he drives for results with great understanding of what the clients physical & mental goals are. The support he gives is OUTSTANDING, he designs personal programmes to suit each members needs always considering the well being of the client.

Just some of the comments from our members include:

“Clayton has helped me rebuild my CONFIDENCE
“Encouraged me all the way to reach my personal goals”
“Hes given me a CAN DO ATTITUDE
“Rebuilt my FOCUS in Life”

Clayton is a big part of our leisure club at Alexandra House, I would and do highly RECOMMEND him to new clients”


Leisure Club Manager, Alexandra House Hotel